Custom CRM Development

Many of our clients have tried (or researched) third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that were built to service a wide variety of users. While these solutions provide an endless list of features & benefits, they often contain much more complexity and confusion than the client needs while also falling short of critical business needs unique to that customer.

InsideOUT Data Services prides itself in our ability to understand our clients' unique business models and processes and create custom solutions built specifically to meet their needs. By creating a customized solution, we can:

  • Utilize language and terminology specific to our clients' industries
  • Track information that's important to our clients
  • Create custom reporting tools & dashboards containing integral information
  • Integrate important notifications and/or email reminders
  • Build in custom permissions and workflows
  • Reduce training time
  • Reduce costs


A good CRM system will streamline your business processes to generate leads and increase customer satisfaction. Recognizing that efficient customer service is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining customers, businesses are implementing CRM technologies to help improve the overall customer experience while increasing employee efficiency and ultimately minimizing costs.

We build custom-designed CRM systems that allow for effective management of several aspects of your company's business processes:

  • Sales & Marketing: Our CRM solutions help you generate more leads, effectively manage existing leads, convert leads into customers, quickly view all account-related activity and improve the overall productivity of your sales team. An custom CRM system is much more efficient than manually tracking sales leads.

  • Customer Activity Management: Allow your employees to view all customer transactions, easily locate and view information regarding customer interactions, quickly respond to customer inquiries and more efficiently manage business tasks and post-sales follow-up activities.

  • Customer Service & Support: Our CRM solutions help you gather customer support requests, assign requests to the appropriate division or support agent, escalate customer support cases when necessary, assist customers in finding solutions for common issues on your website and identify areas where customer service can be improved.

From your first contact with potential customers to post-sales service interactions, Our CRM solutions enable your sales, marketing, and field service technicians to efficiently track all customer interactions, increase customer satisfaction and help build and sustain more profitable customer relationships.